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restaurantes especialmente. >> el tradicional desfile de las rosas son temperaturas bastante venévolas. al volver tendrémos un recuento. >> siguieron cada año el desfile de las rosas. aquí el recuento. >> pues mucha emoción. >> si, todos están muy alegres. >> la emoción seguía. >> más de un millón de espectadores llenaron las gradas. >> a ellos les gusta ver los carros alegoricos y ver la gente, es como una fiesta bien grande. >> pasamos mucho frío pero nos hizo mucho. >> pero eso si, las cobijas sobraban incluso pasaron la noche. todos esperaron ver los carros y las unidades ecuestres. >> aunque muchos son residentes, muchos han llegado a ver el desfile de las rosas. solo tenemos que imaginar. >> que bonito desfile. venedicto xvi no irá a la ciudad de méxico porque puede afectar a la salud. si usted va de regreso a casa. toda esta área con tiempo más cálido. nosotros ahí vamos a amanecer. pasela bien feliz 2012. >> ha marcado goles anotó el 2007. y sufren y lloran a manos de los cargadores. terminaron con 8 ganados y perdidos. tenía la victoria y lo dejaron ir. jugaron u
to mid-70s. santa rosa 70 degrees. that ties the record. up into the low 70s. these temperatures running about 10 to 15 degrees above average. the other story in addition to the warm weather today has been gusty winds. winds 20 to 30 miles per hour. they will calm down for tonight. we'll see clear skies, cool temperatures especially inland. santa rosa below freezing. 30s for san jose and concord. for tomorrow another great day. sunday, looking nice. sunny, warm temperatures again with 60s, possibly some more 70s. santa rosa with the forecast high of 70 degrees. i'll tell you how much longer this nice weather will last coming up. >>> while many are hoping for rain after this dry spell, all this sunny weather means time for fun. how january seems to be more like springtime for beach goers in san francisco. >> reporter: the surf is up and so is the sun. again day after day of it. that means ocean beach in san francisco were teamling people as if it were april and not january. >> this is his beach >> are you sure it is january? >> it is more lik
hayward to vacaville, napa, santa rosa even at our coast temperatures are mild as you head out 51 santa rosa. redwood city 56 the same in mountain view, san jose. oakland 57. as you head out, napa only has a quarter mile visibility, half mile half moon bay, as well as santa rosa. definitely thick fog out there. for hayward now four miles visibility that will be changing be careful, use your low beams this morning the fog will lift by 8:00 then clouds lynner in the north bay. mild afternoon temperatures today -- linger in the north bay. mild afternoon temperatures. extra clouds in the north bay this front is not going to make it to the bay but will bring stubborn clouds from san rafael to santa rosa, 65 in san jose, middle 60s watsonville, a look ahead, dry, sunnier and warmer through the weekend. here's sue hall with our traffic. >>> good morning. just about 4:40. pretty light on the roads, we like it like that. overnight roadwork avoid this area if you can, no specific slowing you will not get on and off at high street north and southbound 880 due to construction, should be reopening a
will certainly want to bundle up. temperatures in the north bay, 32. upper 30s in napa and santa rosa. take a look at downtown san francisco. by lunchtime the green on the screen it indicates a low 60s. as we turn our attention to the north bay we will see a hazy sunshine. 59 expected for richmond this afternoon. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a good mix of 60s partly cloudy conditions and as we head into the weekend we will see a lot of sunshine. we will be contending with gusty winds. >>george: we are probably a few minutes away from the beginning of some back up on the bay bridge westbound. the approach is still look good and the drive times are 9-11 minutes out of the macarthur maze into downtown san francisco. we have not seen anything in the way of slow traffic or problems. >>george: a little bit of salon on 101. for 101 server marin county, an easy trip southbound. 22-23 minute drive time from nevada to the golden gate bridge. >>justine: the labor department has just put out a new weekly employment numbers. >>james: several occupy oakland protesters were arrested frank og
miles in santa rosa and concord. keep an eye on this for the morning commute right now not a big problem. it is freezing around novato, santa rosa 31 napa and fairfield everybody else in the mid 30s to the upper 40s like in san francisco where we will stay around 8:00 partly cloudy increase in clouds today with storm system passing west over the ocean that and a stronger sea breeze will keep us mid to upper 50s noon and upper 50s to low 60s for highs today will be cooler across the board for all of us. seven day forecast, warming trend and drier wednesday through the holiday monday. >>> good morning. we are going to take you to the north bay where there's major roadwork that has a connection ramp shutdown now westbound 37 to northbound 101. that connection ramp should be reopened by 6:00 this morning. there is a detour in place until that time. elsewhere, pretty much accident-tree. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll, you can see no delays. we are going to check out the south bay northbound 280 for head lights in san jose, that's highway 17 across your screen looking good in the so
seven degrees warmer that put s us in the 30s. -- puts us in our 30s, 29 santa rosa, 37 palo alto, mainly low to mid 40s for the rest of the bay shore and south bay, upper 40s half moon bay and san francisco 60 half moon bay noon same around santa rosa, napa, mid 60s around fremont, san jose, palo alto 62, mid to upper 60s by 4:00, another warmer than average day around the bay. a few areas could hit 70 today. slightly cooler two to four degrees still above average. then check out the clouds, the breezes and temperatures back in the 50s where they should be for sunday through tuesday, chance of rain begins wednesday and thursday. >>> we are starting off well. temperatures will be nice, road conditions look great. 680 walnut creek north main looking good southbound through the san ramon valley. traffic quiet all around the bay area another live shot of 280 and 17 interchange in san jose. i want to take you to the waze traffic maps. traffic going to get crowded for the 49er playoff game later today this is an application you can download for free and use. right now we have someone h
could be poor any time. right now santa rosa has the poorest air quality followed by vallejo and san francisco. not like in the summer where pollution builds throughout the afternoon and peaks during the evening commute in could be at any time. for -- forecasting the north bay and santa clara valley to have the poorest air quality while all of us are under that woodburning ban for the rest of us today. freezing in santa rosa, novato fairfield mid to upper 30s everywhere else except for antioch, oakland, san francisco and half moon bay low to mid 40s there we stay with these temperatures through 8:00 with a lot of sunshine, sunshine, dry air, lack of wind allowed us to be cool this morning allows us to warm quickly. noontime mid 50s to low 60s around fremont, san jose, morgan hill. those areas will be in the mid 60s by 4:00, the rest of us in the upper 50s like half moon bay 59 to low 60s. run at record highs tomorrow and friday. then, saturday, sunday, a little cool, the biggest cooling begins monday into tuesday, temperatures drop back where they should be in the 50s, there's a chan
visibility novato, 3/4 at santa rosa, 101 corridor foggy while the rest of us unlimited visibility. we are doing pretty well. it is still coolest up in the north bay from the low 30s around napa, santa rosa, novato, 28 fairfield, we have mid to upper 30s along the peninsula, east bay shore into the south bay, low 40s. high pressure still dominating keeping us high and dry. high in the form of near record temperatures in the mid to upper 60s today, possibly near 70 tomorrow. it will still be warm saturday, you can see the cooling trend and more clouds roll in sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, most of us in the 50s rain beginning possibly in the north bay, wednesday night. >>> good morning. fremont stalled bus southbound 680 near washington boulevard. on the shoulder but they say it could be partially block being the right lane because they are trying to transfer the passengers on to another bus looking good so 64 miles an hour. here's a live shot of the san mateo bridge keeping an eye on this one, because they reported a large plastic tub floating around in the westbound lane sounds l
on temperature-wise, 28 in santa rosa for the cool spot frost forming around novato getting close around concord and livermore 33 fairfield frost at 30 mid 30s down the peninsula upper 30s in the south bay low 40s along the east bay shore upper 40s around half moon bay and san francisco. high pressure dominating our weather once again you can see the flow starting to turn offshore land breeze brings us the drier weather and the warm weather, near some record highs today, warmest weather oakland 71, livermore 70, everybody else in the mid to upper 60s. another day with above average temperatures tomorrow, a few more clouds in the sky and then you can see clouds and cooler weather and breezy sunday, mid to upper 50s those temperatures hang around through tuesday first chances of rain wednesday and thursday. >>> good morning. looking pretty good on the roads. usually slow spots westbound 4 antioch, westbound 580 altamont pass. still no trouble at the bay bridge toll. north bay 101 san rafael, northbound traffic really light now heading past the marin civic center i want to show you another live sho
the 70s. santa rosa all the way up to 70 degrees, tying the record for the day. oernld and hayward, 70 -- oakland and hayward, 70. mountain view, 71. these temperatures, atypical for the beginning of january. some 10 to 15 degrees above average. for tonight look for clear conditions, the breezes we've had earlier today are now subsiding. the temperatures will drop in the low 40s for santa rosa, below freezing, san francisco and oakland and for tomorrow we'll see another warm day. sunshine and temperatures reaching the 60s and possibly 70s in the warmest locations. i will let you know how long this mice weather is gonna -- nice weather is gonna lass. >>> while folks are hoping for rain after this dry spell, all of this weather means fun in the sun. how january seems to be more like spring time for beachgoers in san francisco. >> reporter: the surf is up and so is the sun again, day after day of it. that means places like ocean beach in san francisco are teaming with people just as if it were able. so they are out here and their little dogs, too. >> you are aware it's january? >> no, it'
of the golden gate bridge. santa rosa, maybe sonoma county heading into monday afternoon and monday night. you can see the fog cast not that much out there. maybe pockets of fog developing for north of the golden gate bridge. livermore valley areas, but just clear skies tonight. that will give way to colder temperatures. we'll dip into the mid, maybe even low 30s. accept rose sacks 36. 46, san francisco. 37. east bay. concord, antioch, 39. and 36 for livermore tonight. we're on the back side of a cold front that brought us sprinkles on friday. high pressure continuing to build in. brought us some northerly winds, a little cooler today. but it is going to clear us out tonight. as we head intos night and monday. there's a system that is going to break through this ridge and just scoot right to the north of us, and might be able to bring a drop or two. mainly around santa rosa, points northward, maybe some mist and drizzle. and then after that the high builds back in to bring us another mild next few days. 63 for san jose. remember, no burn, "spare the air" day tomorrow. 64 for campbell. los good
or at the bridge but live doppler picking up a little bit of activity. moving into healdsburg and santa rosa you see there. and a little bit closer, this is a weak cold front. we talked about it earlier this evening. a little bit of light rain. some of it is so light is not hitting the ground. nonetheless we're seeing a little bit of there. this cold front continues to scoot to the south it will start to fall off a bit. slight chance maybe a sprinkle or two overnight tonight. here is a look at satellite and radar composite. you can see the frontal system really enhanced as it made its way around the north coast. it's coming down toward the north bay locations. it's kind of falling apart. not a lot of dynamics and you can see the clearing taking place behind this. the clouds tonight, one thing you will notice a lot warmer out there. in the north bay santa rosa 47 right now. we are looking at low 50s in san francisco and oakland. 48 for livermore right now. clouds moving in 51 degrees. there is a chance of a shower possible north overnight. much cooler day tomorrow. we'll be on the back side of th
temperatures. they have cooled off just a little bit. here is where we see the fog been heaviest. in santa rosa, the red is indicating a quarter mile visibility. everyone else is doing ok. 58 is what we expected this afternoon in oakland. generally upper 50s and low 60s. across the north bay temperatures will range from 56-61. downtown san francisco, mid- 50s. partly sunny in the afternoon with clouds already on their way. let's get the latest on the road conditions. >>james: we are continuing to track seeds the activity. a few incidents and accidents around the area but no hot spots or major delays. even here on the bay bridge is a better than usual right. the center lanes are a bit back up but the 880 approach is not backed up at all. traffic is still living pretty well to the heart of the toll plaza. the drive time is 13 minutes from the nimitz over to foster city. the golden gate bridge ride is delayed free. no problems to or from marin county. >>justine: officials have now called of the underwater search for the cruise ship crashed in italy. their reason investigators say the search is now
lot. >>james: we have the possibility of wet weather next week. we are below freezing in santa rosa, in napa and fairfield. lee are at freezing in a lot of serious frost is fossil is the valley, for digitally to the north. chilly 30 degree weather and concord and livermore. >>james: keep things tend to kron4 for this potential welcoming news for next week. >>george: a great ride around the bay area. so far we are not tracking any hot spots, major delays or problems. we have been incidents free on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the next 30 minutes should tell the tales about the kind of morning we have had. your ride of the san mateo bridge has been pretty good so far this morning. the rights to the golden gate bridge the right looks great coming through marin county. fifth south bay freeways are sticky stuff a little bit of slowing on 101 but that should not delay your ride. there are still no delays or problems on 101 southbound through marin county. that drive time is 22 bits from novato to the golden gate bridge to. >>darya: pour in decision 2012 republican rivals of mitt romn
and hayward. 51 in the selfish, 46 in santa rosa. this afternoon, a different story. we will be able warmer this afternoon and yesterday. things will get warmer as we had to the north. santa rosa coming in at a projected cost seven. here we are at the end of january talking about the murders that we would not normally see until probably april or may. we have a lot of instability to the north. nunn predicted the head down our way. >>mark: jackie sissel is live at 880 in oakland. >>jackie: it seems like the fog is letting up they will fit, when i drove in this morning, there were pockets of very dense fall, especially on the richmond- san rafael bridge. it seems the closer you get to the water the more dense the fog is. if it is heavy alternative maze also. if you're driving any distance at all along bay area freeways, you will hit it. >>george: it is a slow ride, so take it easy. >>george: we have not yet seen any major incidents or hot spots that have resulted from the fog and even sensors are not yet showing any major delays but expect speeds to be down this morning. the bay bridge is very
will be holding on to the '50s and warming up slightly for places like santa rosa, petaluma, the '60s will become a little bit more widespread the further east you go. as we advance closer to the overnight hours, we will start to see some purple forming in napa and petaluma indicating temperatures dropping in their '30's. cooler conditions overnight compared to what we saw today. storm tracker 4 shows there is no wet weather activity over northern california. a lot of the system and the pacific northwest has actually broken out. we are not seeing anything in the way of what weather. >>george: we are continuing to monitor it pretty good ride. things are getting a little congested on the upper east shore freeway. interstate 80 westbound and on interstate 680 added to the san ramon valley, it is still well within the normal range and continuing into the east bay. was down 580 still looks the same. heading to the oakland airport, there was a pedestrian accident. 680 south, we mentioned a slower ride through pleasanton. heavier traffic is at the north end of the drive. your overall drive time leading
's 36 in fairfield, 37 in santa rosa and half moon bay. mild in san francisco. we're going to be seeing plenty of 30-degree readings into tomorrow morning. also patchy frost. give yourself extra time tomorrow morning to defrost the windshield or scrape it off. tomorrow afternoon, sunny and mild conditions are expected. un-january-like weather. as we head through the rest of the week, we're going to keep the same pattern going. the cold mornings and dry afternoons. are we ever going to see rain this winter? that coming up in a bit. >>> california has more bad news about the state budget today. the state is on track to take in less money than anticipated. and that means more cuts to health and union services may be coming. protestors gathered today outside of the state building in san francisco. a lot of people were there, including a woman named crystal england who said they cannot weather more cuts to social services. >> right here as i'm at -- at the threshold of going from education to advanced degrees or into work, that is being removed from underneath me. that means looking for part
napa, santa rosa, so watch out for that. otherwise we are staying dry. will it ever rain again? we'll tell you coming up. >> good look for you. >> hard to get it all together at 4:30. >> no worries. >> we'll all get it together by 7:00 when we're done. >>> developing news from the east bay. a college student shot to death while sitting in a car with his sister. gil diaz is in richmond now with more. >>> reporter: good morning. it happened around 7:00 last night. and we were there to check out the scene but yeah, the brother and sister sitting in their car heading to college class at contra costa college. here's a map. this is the 2100 block of nevin avenue and they were sitting in their car. we were there this morning to check it out. the police are gone. but there's candles lit on that scene to commemorate that brother. now, they didn't make it to class and the brother died at the scene. they were sitting in the car when all of a sudden a car rounded the corner behind them heading west on nevin avenue with a shooter following them. that shooter stopped chasing after that moving ca
in novato 32, same fairfield, mid 30s around santa rosa, concord, livermore, mountain view upper 30s low to mid 40s fremont, oakland antioch and half moon bay 47 the warm spot in san francisco. temperatures will remain steady may drop a degree or two by 8:00 we have fairly light winds dry air and no clouds to speak of. by noon total sunshine mid 50s to even 60s showing up around fremont, san jose, morgan hill, as we head to 4:00, low to mid 60s across the board except half moon bay close at 59. accuweather with seven day forecast the warmest days tomorrow and friday, we'll make a run at record high temperatures, mild through the holiday weekend, tuesday, especially wednesday and thursday of next week pretty good chances of rain. >>> good morning. right now the big concern is the roadwork. there's a major connection ramp closed in the milpitas area eastbound 237 to northbound 880. that should be reopened in the next 20 minutes. that's scheduled there right now. i also want to take you to the waze traffic map. what you see are wazers. these are drivers who downloaded the free traffic app a
francisco, 68 in santa rosa where the northeast winds warmed up the air and dried it out as it dropped into santa rosa and there you see 61 in livermore. right now we're already in the 30s in fairfield and santa rosa. notice 40s and 50s in the inner bay. concord and napa for tomorrow morning. not much wind out there. the offshore winds are going to back off a little bit tomorrow as a sea breeze starts to pick back up which brings low clouds to the coast, and we're talking about patchy fog in the valleys. north and east bay valleys for your monday morning commute will have fog. another no burn day tomorrow, and we could see more of these this week with the dry pattern in place. what we have here on the satellite in radar view is just some high clouds coming on in. we have a system offshore. it looks pretty impressive on the satellite view, so you take into account where it is headed. it is moved off to the north and away from the bay area in terms of the rain-producing part. this is going to head up towards oregon but it will spill some clouds our way and bring us a bit of a cooldown in
. we have records 72 in santa rosa. record high of 69 in oakland moffett field, livermore. these were all records santa rosa and livermore were ties. half moon bay santa cruz hitting 70 degrees today, hard to believe. 67 in napa clear lake. 66 in ukiah and concord. down toward san jose 64 today. it was a beautiful day here in the bay area. we had records. there were records in other parts of the state as well. down to southern california we go and san gabriel 91 degrees. 91. that's not a typo. 85 in los angeles and 88 degrees in long beach. it is an area of high pressure with a down sloping wind. it is an offshore flow that provided us with the warmth in the bay area today. and you probably noticed the high clouds this afternoon. we expected them. the high clouds are made up of ice crystals and they provided these beautiful sunsets. this is is a pretty winter sunset from brentwood sent by stephanie h to my facebook account. there were empight a few. a burst of cloar -- a burst of color from the
. carmela de la rosa was convicted of throwing that the girl off a walkway in a local mall. peggy fox was in the courtroom and joins us now with more. reporter: before the judge handed down that sentence he asked carmela de la rosa if she had anything to say. she stood and cried and said i'm very sorry for what i've done. she apologized to her daughter, her son-in-law, her husband and her 94-year-old emotion who was there. then the judge gave her 35 years and said -- mother who was there. then the judge gave her 35 years and said what she had done was unconscionable. the 51-year-old grandmother was given the jury recommended sentence of 35 years in prison today for killing her granddaughter. she threw the toddler off a 5th foot high bridge at the tysons corner -- 50-foot high bridge at the tysons corner center in front of the child's parents. >> fossing an innocent child off a bridge, it's hard to -- tossing an innocent child off a bridge, it's hard to imagine anything worse than that. i tossed my granddaughter off the bridge, but don't hold me responsible because i'm depressed it.
mark for santa rosa, napa, and fairfield. you are right at it and navato. and everywhere else is pretty mild out there. downtown san francisco's coming in at 47 degrees. 43 for those that redwood city. it will be a little bit cooler than that for those in mountain view. we have widespread '60s around the bay area. yesterday we were holding on to the upper 50s but it looks like half moon bay could come in at 62 degrees, 64 in redwood city. now you could be one of the low spots around the bay area--the highest spot around the bay area coming in at 66. now you're satellite and radar does show high pressure really situated over the bay area. what that actually is doing is guiding the storm tracker well to our north. it looks like we will continue with mild in sunny conditions for least the next week. we do have the potential for some wet weather as the atmosphere changes but that may be tuesday night into wednesday of next week. in the meantime we will enjoy mostly sunny conditions with temperatures running in the '60s. from the traffic center we have no hot spots are major accidents to tel
. 38-52. santa rosa temp continues to go down. 41 would not be secure surprised if they get an upper 30. and 58-68 sunny and breezy. reason being the system digging down to the east of us we just saw it. as we head south high pressure builds into the north. before that get there is we have to deal with that fog. north wind is already showing itself. mount diablo gusts to 50. in the valley gusts 15-20. concord showing fog. other areas clear skies. big differences until the temps. 40-50s. 51 fairfield. now the north wind not too strong at the surface. napa did have one and now they are calm. fairfield instead of north has gone to three. high pressure eventually will win out. that system will continue to dig to the south. north wind will take care of the fog. until then there is area where is the fog is really thick. fog, sunny and breezy. the winds already picking up. you have 60s low mid to upper 60s. santa cruz and gilroy. . now the weekend will be sunny nice mild and warmer. the mornings will be noticeably cooler. pam and dave. >> okay. 6:09 is the time. two years have passed since tha
and 3/4 visibility in santa rosa everybody else okay. looking down from vollmer peak calm around the bay area. live doppler hoping to see rain closer to home but still to our north and the bulk moving east you can see spokane, heading through idaho into montana where the best moisture is now. we are getting the tail end of this system looks like it is going to whip to the west of us66p over the ocean waters. sprinkles, maybe today. 30 santa rosa now 34 novato, 32 napa fairfield mid to upper 30s concord livermore redwood city mountain view san jose los gatos. warm spot san francisco 48. upper 30s to low 40s around monterey bay inland salinas 30 in gilroy. today partly sunny, cooler sprinkles today, clouds will quickly dissipate tonight meaning cool again tomorrow morning dry and mild all the way through the holiday monday. today you can see mainly upper 50s throughout most of our neighborhoods we may get up to 60 palo alto, san jose, napa clear lake, low to mid 60s -- temperatures are four to six degrees cooler than yesterday. mid to upper 50s around the monterey bay into salinas. let's
in the city, 51 santa rosa, visibility down to two miles, a little better than that in mountain view, 2 1/2 miles in san jose, half mile visibility from napa to half moon bay, 2 1/2 miles in oakland and santa rosa down to a quarter mile, novato one mile. low clouds, fog and those cloudslinger in the north bay. temperatures not as warm as as yesterday. -- a front is flirting with extreme northern california not going to make it our way. we'll hold on to the clouds in the north bay, partly cloudy elsewhere in the afternoon. temperatures mild with low to mid 60s. we should that sunshine by 1:00, 2:00, late day today, tomorrow we are into an offshore flow milder and sunnier through the weekend. dry through next week. sue is checking in with our commute. >>> good morning. if you are headed out now, we look at some your drive times , carquinez bridge to the maze less than 20 minutes, highway 4 hillcrest to 242 in the concord area less than 10 minutes, 580 from livermore altamont pass up to the dublin interchange, less than 15 minutes. clear and smooth sailing as you head out. public transit, ba
. today was nice. 50s and 60s. 63 degrees in santa rosa. low 60s and it looks like we will see even a few warmer degrees. even locations getting close to 70 degrees for sunday. new year's day. here is the forecast with mostly clear at midnight tonight just high clouds. mild temperatures. the fog is forecast to develop in the north bay and perhaps the east bay. it should not be too extensive. as we go through the day, mostly sunny skies with temperatures in the 60s for most areas. there could be 70's in some areas. the satellite showing some cloud in a--there a storm and the pacific. it is forecast to arrive on monday. bringing an outside chance for showers to the north bay. sonoma county. that is about it. precipitation is not really expected to be measurable. what we can expect for tomorrow be sunny, warm with increasing clouds on monday and as we look as the rest of this week the first week of 2012, is going to be dry. persisting with a long stretch of the dry weather in into the beginning of this new year. by 11:00 p.m. tomorrow night clouds, rain. we will see them increasing monday mo
. fog 3/4 mile visibility in santa rosa, novato quarter mile, everybody else just about unlimited. here's the high pressure clouds to our south, up to our north, sunshine sandwich that's what we have today that's why temperatures will be around 7 to 9° warmer than average that puts us in the mid to upper 60s. 69 cloverdale, livermore, some of the warm spots, 68 santa rosa, rest of us in the mid 60s even up to the coast, winds light and variable today also. as far as tomorrow, better chance of seeing record high temperatures as we near 70 in some areas, low to mid 60s saturday temperatures drop nearly 10 to 12° by money , tuesday and wednesday, wednesday our first -- by monday, tuesday and wednesday. wednesday our first chance of rain in the forecast. >>> crash southbound 880, heading towards the airport while keep an eye on this they are saying mainly off to the shoulder, there's that one bit of yellow traffic sensors showing 63 miles an hour at the scene. with we'll let you know fit does cause a delay. i want to take you outside show you a live camera shot of westbound 80 in berkeley
. >> already beginning to change a bit. offshore wind is kicking in, north wind in santa rosa with clear skies. we are going to clear out around the bay area today. dense fog over the city of san francisco beginning it break up already. so that trend will continue over the next couple of hours and eventually we're talking mostly sunny skies. so right now thick fog, visibility down to an eighth of a mile at oakland airport. they are at 52 as well as san francisco. 49 san jose and 42 degrees clear skies in santa rosa. by the afternoon, temperatures in the 60s. lots of sunshine into san jose, plenty of sun in the east bay up into the 60s and even at the coast it should be clear by this afternoon. >> thank you. >>> a developing story on this friday. deadly gunfire in an east bay neighborhood. anne makovec is in berkeley, where police need some help with the first murder investigation of the year. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the shooter is still on the loose this morning. police just opened this block of emerson here behind me. they have apparently finished their investigation he
there is not much going on. we should have santa rosa, that is 31% of normal and that's not good. santa rosa to san francisco, everybody is around 30 to 31 and 36%. we started off great, san jose should have 5, they have only had just a little bit there and that is not much to talk about. we still have some time here. the system is moving through to the north, we will have a cool down which is falling apart and it has increased the northwest swell and that means the waves are up and the big waves will like high pressure will build after this weekend. 34 and 30s all around, san jose 32 not far away 30s there. the system çkwill slide across and topple over and they completely loose all their energy. a little more fog as the Ñ-syst inches closer and we start warmer weather again on the weekend. some coastal fog is there patchy fog inland mainly towards the north bay, upper we will have 50s but not the upper 60s we had ñnyÑ-zzlñ6ój a week away which candidate is leading in the latest poll. >>> southbound 101 heading down to the 580 interchange, we will tell you more about the morning commute whe
between san rafael and santa rosa. in 2008 voters approved a quarter cent sales tax to improve it. san jose's late coming skate park has got the funding and will stay open. volunteers decided to hold fundraisers. $30,000 in donations are keeping the sayers skating now. volunteers are trying to find sponsors to keep the park ohm next year and beyond. >>> good morning, to you. we have another brilliant day in store. we will be above average for this time of year. although not as warm. we doo have subtle changes in the forecast. you may begin to notice as early as this afternoon. give you a look. we have light winds outside the door. reporting a few gusts over the east bay hills. temperatures sitting in the 30s. we are definitely chilly out there. 33 in santa rosa is an improvement. 4-8-degrees warmer for some of our inland spots. 35 in napa. 36 reported in concord. 38 degrees redwood city. and palo alto sitting in the low and mid 30s. satellite radar here the ridge of high pressure beginning to break down just a little bit. it will be flattening out as the system here begins to swing a l
. take a look at santa rosa, they're at the freezing mark. 33 over in fairfield. pretty warm for downtown san francisco. they're coming in at 50 degrees. we're seeing a lot of 40s as well. this is a degree cooler through mountain view. take a look at the north bay. 20 degrees cooler than in stand rose -- santa rosa and fairfield. we're at the same temperature in half moon bay and 8 degrees cooler at redwood city at this hour. this afternoon, we'll warm up and see temperatures into the 60s. upper 60s for morgan hill. 64 degrees expected for half moon bay and 65 for oakland. also, it looks like santa rosa could come in at 66. vallejo is the same. the satellite and radar shows a light, on shore flow weakening the area. we're seeing the cooler temperatures an the cloud cover is heading our way. we have a slight potential for rainfall. the chance is sitting at 20%. it will only affect the coastline. other than that, we'll have mostly sunny conditions into the workweek and the weekend as well. here in the traffic center, you'll see there are no meter lights. the bridge ride will show a lot of s
in santa rosa. we are below freezing in santa rosa. 38 for those of you in san jose. future cast 4 shows by 8:00 a.m. a mixture of thirties and forties around the bay area. the upper 50s for half moon bay. your 7 day around the bay forecast shows a lot of '60s. mostly sunny skies as we head into the weekend. mild conditions as we continue the next work week. >>george: we have some slow traffic on the james lick. there is a stall northbound at vermont street. none of these lanes are blocked. there is nothing southbound. is the northbound stall that has created the delay. we have not tracked in the hot spots. the best ride of the week so far today. we have green on the road with sensors. there are no problems for the highways. in the south bay, a little bit of slowing 101 northbound. a little bit of slowing and to 80 northbound. that is just congestion around the interchanges. >>darya: 7:20 a.m., and it is morning, occupy protesters in santa rosa are planning a day of action. >>james: mayor ed lee is inviting the public to come to his inauguration. he is the city's first elected asian mayo
but a very cold start. temperatures are below freezing in other areas. napa is only 33 degrees. santa rosa is only 31 degrees. 46 degrees and half moon bay. 47 degrees in mountain view. often the fairfield, it is 17 degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning it should be nice with temperatures expected with a mixture of 50s. 69 degrees expected in santa rosa. but delta, and mid-'60s expected for san jose. your full forecast coming up. >>isabel: today block a bill police are inviting residents to celebrate jim kapu and vacaville walk will begin at 8:00 a.m. capoot rememberance walk. this was november he was shot the custod support suspect is in cu. suspect is in custody >>marty: caught on camera and attempted assault that happened in broad daylight you will hear from a neighbor. >>isabel: a quick live look at walnut creek. looking quite dark but this is what it looks like. still, a nice day despite the breezes we will be back. @@ [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ] [ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] mill
southern california is dealing with hazy sun and sunny today mild hazy sunshine mid-60s santa rosa napa -- santa rosa, napa, 64 pleasanton, 65 half-moon bay, sunny with your weekend always in view and cold mornings. >>> the goal is to build a new parking lot and in santa clara they hope it will keep the amusement park and fans happy. >>> they are looking -- we will have a look at the guantanamo bay prison, stay tuned for more. . >>> turns out a bomb killed a nuclear scientist and they planned a bomb underneath his car. it is similar to other attacks against nuclear scientists and they accused israel of targeting nuclear scientists in an effort to block the program. >>> forces rescued a group of iranians trapped on a boat in distress. the pentagon said they were rescued from the persian gulf yesterday and the owner said they would have died without help from the americans. last week they freed 13 iranians who were captured by somalian pirates. it comes at a time with increased tensions between iran and the united states. >>> first prisoners arrived at guantanamo bay in cuba. they called
virginia grandmother convicted of murdering her 2- year-old grand daughter. carmela dela rosa was sentenced today to 35 years in prison for tossing the toddler from an elevated walkway at tysons corner center. peggy fox has the reaction from the sentencing. reporter: carmela dela rosa had about 20 family and friends in the courtroom including her 94-year-old mother. they hoped the judge would give her a lighter sentence than the jury recommended, but judge white said the horror, brutality and planning of a crime inflicted on the most vulnerable person, a toddler, had to be considered. he called the crime unconscionable. >> what do you guys think about the sentencing? is it fair? >> a little harsh. reporter: that's the only comment any family member of carmela dela rosa would utter after she was sentenced to 35 years in prison today. before receiving the sentence the 51-year-old grandmother stood before the court and cried as she said, "i'm very sorry for what i've done." and she apologized to her daughter cat and james whose daughter she killed. >> her motive was jealousy, anger and reven
to see the first raindrops yet? >> i'll ask the guy who knows. >> radar return around santa rosa no official reports yet. moisture is starting to move in. not as cold as it has been the last couple of mornings. fog developing around novato and napa, also watch out for reduced visibilities there. let's take a look at a wider picture you can see where most of the rain and the mountain snow is falling the same area it well yesterday to the north of us in mendocino and lake counties towards chica and -- chico, excuse me heading towards tahoe. the sooner you get to tahoe the better off you are snow elevation dropping to 4500 feet overnight. heading south you are going to be okay two storms strong, heavy rain update on that. >>> san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi will make his first court appearance today on domestic violence charges watched over by the bailiffs who work for him. the sheriff hopes he will be allowed to see his wife and son again after the hearing. amy hollyfield is live with the latest. >> reporter: stay way order has been in place for the last week. that expires tod
low 30s novato santa rosa 37 napa from san jose, fremont, oakland, half moon bay low to mid 40s san francisco 48°. watching an area of high pressure to our north and low to our south when you get those stacked on top of each other, this is pulling our winds off the land once again keeping that cool ocean water away from us that's why we'll top out in the mid 60s to around 70° today. tomorrow not as warm still warmer than average with low to mid 60s chilly sea breeze and clouds return putting us into the 50s through the end of the weekend into next week you can see chance of rain begins wednesday and thursday. >>> i want to take you to the waze maps right away. we found a big slow down. it is on highway 17 near summit road. it was reported by a driver complete standstill as you head towards summit road. there's roadwork scheduled now on summit road out towards los gatos. lanes could be blocked in both directions until 6:00 this morning. so, that's something that you can only find using these waze maps. it gives you very specific details on where traffic is slow. here we are showing
records. santa rosa, concord, livermore, all tied or set record highs yesterday, gift us an idea how warm this air mass is low to mid 60s today. here's your accuweather seven day forecast not much of a change everyday a lot of sunshine in the afternoon and temperatures from the upper 50s at the coast to the low to mid 60s for rest of us. sounds like we have a new accident here's jacqueline with details. >>> chp has issued a "sig alert" for this crash westbound 205 just past i-5 involving two big rigs one overturned it has the far left and far right lane blocked. for those of you coming interest the valley this is no doubt going to slow you down, anticipate delays and allow yourself a little extra time this morning. live look at walnut creek 680 at north main, taillights headed in the southbound commute direction. things are moving still pretty well through there. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights yet those usually get turned on in the next 10, 15 minutes. we are starting to see a bit of a back-up just in cash lanes. that's your traffic. >>> 6:09. >>> what is it worth just ahead a
@x 63 novato. 63 santa rosa. downtown san francisco will be about 61 degrees. again clear skies out there. not looking for much in the way of rain until tuesday evening. this is the system we're watching. most of it as you can see headed to the pacific northwest. there is a bit here on the bottom side of it that is expected to break off and head our way. even if it does make a b line area, we're till looking at a tenth of an inch of accumulation. it will be gone by wednesday. then there are other projections that take it well to our south so we won't get anything at all. we're going to split the difference and call it a slight chance of rain. 20 percent at best for tuesday evening as we head into evening. beyond that we're looking final. lots of sunshine this week really and into the weekend as well with temperatures on the mild side. low to mid-60s right on through your seven-day forecast. at 6:05 that's it for weather. let's send it down to the newsroom. >>> here's what we're watching in the kron 4 news. the republican presidential candidates are focusing on new hampshire ahead of
, but that potential sticks north of the golden gate bridge. highway 101 through santa rosa, that gray on your screen indicates between two and five miles of visibility. you can see some of that fog product really beginning to form over the coastline, so places like san francisco, half moon pay, could shortly be impacted. wide spread 40s for the most part. however free month, san jose, coming in -- freenont, san jose coming in in the 30s. a little warmer for places like san francisco, and as we dance closer to lunchtime, all of that blue on your screen does indicate most locations making it into the 50s. as we advance closer to afternoon highs, check that out. we don't see much in the way of green here in the bay area. potentially some south bay locations could actually see some 60ed. here is the breakdown for you neighborhood by neighborhood. oakland only getting up to 58 today. same goes for redwood city. we'll stay in the mid-50s for places like half moon bay. san rafael and downtown san francisco predicted to stay in the upper 50s, lower 60s for this afternoon. upper 60s as we head into thursday
to yesterday morning that means upper 30s in the north bay, 39 for napa, navato, 36 for those in santa rosa. and check that downtown san francisco along the coastline we see low fifties there and mid-50s everywhere else. 49 for hayward, the same goes for oakland in redwood city. check out the visibility chart we have some areas of compromise visibility down to a half months santa rosa and less than a quarter mile and a bottle. we could see potentially hazardous driving conditions on a stretch of highway 101. everyone is pretty much in great shape. oakland and hayward all reporting 10 mi. of credibility. into the afternoon we expect temperatures to sit in the low 60s. 60 degrees for what would city--62 degrees expected for redwood city. up into the north bay will see a mixture of sun and clouds. her the most her we have low 60s here. a pair of 59 for rich and in downtown san francisco and 64 over in fairfield. take it at a satellite and radar. we have a wet weather activity to the north. there's a lot of cloud coverage headed that way but we are clear and dry and the bay area you will see th
'clock posted to 10:00 a.m. we see some '60s replaced by santa rosa, petaluma and four are in the areas out towards the delta and by afternoon high temperatures, you'll see all the green on your screen does indicate for the most part everyone making it into the sixties this afternoon. it will be about five degrees warmer compared to what we saw yesterday. for instance, oakland could get up to 65 degrees, 63 on tap for los gatos in san jose, 64 expected for those in morgan hill. santa rosa could make it up to 67 degrees, 62 expected for san raphael in downtown san francisco and '65 expected for the lead held this afternoon. satellite and radar shows a lot of that are wet weather activity has pushed out of our area and the pressure will continue to strengthen. for the most part we'll see sunny skies and temperatures in the sixth is. some of the high pressure will begin is to push our way. we will monitor that here for you on the kron4 morning news. as the ticketless seven day around the bay forecast you will see a lot of sunshine. >>james: called a quick check of the bridges this morning, no
for the afternoon. santa rosa at 30 degrees and napa at 44. the difference here the wind. napa has gusty conditions throughout the overnight hours has died down some. meanwhile santa rosa calm conditions. very cold and dealing with patchy fog this morning. 37 in fairfield. also dealing with fog. in fact dense fog advisories are parts of the delta this morning. so benicia waking up with a little bit of fog. 39 in livermore. this is eight degrees warmer than yesterday. we do have a light breeze throughout. 50-degrees in oakland. 41 redwood city. don't have it on this map but half-moon bay sat at 60 degrees for most of the hours. i would like to show you the change over the last 24 hours. had a few high clouds in our forecast. you can see the ridge of high pressure building in california. sits right over the great basin. that will again push that storm track farther north. we will be dry. temperatures will be warming. the system will break down the ridge a little bit for tomorrow. we could wake up with gray skies. let me show what happens through 8:00. patchy dense in the valley if you are driving to
through tomorrow, it looked like san francisco could make its way up to 52 degrees, 53 in santa rosa and 50 for those in vallejo. your seven day around the bay for cash shows clear and cool conditions for today. as we head into tomorrow that is the first possibility for wet weather. waking up thursday morning you could expect showers and heavy downpours at time. it looks like the heaviest of the rain will fall on friday as we head into the weekend and the network when it looks like we will see showers. over in the traffic center the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza is nice and easy. it looks like traffic is pretty light with no metering lights to deal with. the senate until bridge ride is good to go with no problems. your ride is just 14 minutes from in to end. as we take over to the golden gate bridge, you will see a lot of space in between cars in fact no major delays. a look at the traffic map shows all is well in the south bay, no. well 101 is a smooth and easy ride coming out of the coyote valley. there is not a single accident to report. >>james: some new details in the ca
will have 60 for them today. not a huge cool down but it will still be there. napa, santa rosa, san jose holding steady and sap hose is at 39. that system i just done think will do much. it will begin to move south and as it does it will rotate and sit on the california coast until sunday and then it will get bumped inland and we'll see the wind starts tomorrow. today light rain towards the coast but that's a reach. 50s and 60s and napa 61, temperatures are coming down and it is the warmest out of all of these. los gatos 63 morgan hill to gilroy. temperatures will stay the same rebound on wednesday and back to night morning cold sunny warm days. >>> nearly all of the major european markets are gaining ground as investors appear optimistic over several reports. in asia, they are looking to see if china grew. they will continue to taking action in the world's most important economy. >>> it looks like a nice drive this morning following an important earnings report we will talk about it in just a second. s&p 500 500 posting slight gains and it looks like a good opening this morning and that
degrees. freezing in santa rosa. and you know what? it takes a lot to get me excited these days but i am excited about something coming up in the weather and i will tell you when. >> rain? >> i am not telling you. >> that's a good tease. >> all right. >> thanks, lawrence. >>> and 4:31 now. we have developing news in san jose. a three alarm fire has caused major damage to a senior housing center. lisa washington joins us from the site of that fire. lisa, good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, frank and grace. i talked to a fire capten who says it is believed that the fire starts at 1:45 this morning. it is a senior assisted living fam. may fair golden manor. and four people, as you said, have been taken to local hospitals. it is not believed that those injuries are very serious. the captain says this was a huge fire. when the firefighters arrived, they could see flames shooting from the roof of the building. now, in all, four units were damaged. and 16 people lived in those apartments. and the red cross will now assist them with finding a place to live. also, several streets in t
. nearly 70 degrees in the santa rosa and half would bay. 68 degrees and set half moon bay -- changes in the forecast coming our way. right now, 40's and 50's. 45 degrees and napa, santa rosa. tonight, mainly clear skies. . also some and valley fog with mid 40's. cloudy tomorrow morning. concord, 36 nearly freezing in santa rosa. mostly sunny but much cooler! and pretty windy, with 20 m.p.h.-30 m.p.h. changes next week, i will tell you about that, later on. >>vicki: we are live in san francisco at the marina. winning! celebrations all over. we have it covered, coming up. ♪ >> a live view looking over san francisco there is the bay bridge what a beautiful day. the warning came for the 49ers but also victorious weather. temperatures in the 60s with 53 and alameda. cupertino, upper 50s. 46 degrees. today will be the last day of nice weather. after tonight it is going to change. colder weather. and rainfall is returning to the bay forecast. here is the satellite/radar. we are seeing some rain production clones to the self-clouds to the self producing rain. to the north, that these low c
. the weekend? i'll tell you in a moment. >> i like the dramatic pause. >> santa rosa yesterday, 72. >> there we go. above 70, above the average. >>> we are following a developing story out of the east bay. >> oakland police officers have another showdown with the "occupy" protestors believe it or not. anne makovec is live at frank ogawa plaza with more. here we go again, right, anne? >> reporter: that's right. everything is calm now at frank ogawa plaza in oakland. you can see some people standing around talking about their next move. several people were arrested overnight. police have not said how many. this is after a temporary permit for a teepee was revoked. police moved into the plaza around 11:30. there have been a few confrontations an officer hit in the head on friday and a fire set in the area on tuesday. the teepee that was here was to serve as a reminder of the occupation at the plaza this past autumn but police say protestors weren't following the conditions of the permit, that the teepee could only stand between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. and that it could not store personal belongings. th
with temperatures. you can see we are in the low to mid 20s in fairfield, napa, santa rosa, and livermore. upper 20s mountain view, novato. freezing concord, los gatos, san jose, redwood city. 34 fremont upper 30s near 40 oakland, highway highway and san francisco 31 santa rosa, 32 watsonville, entirety salinas, 22 gilroy. all these -- areas monterey bay, salinas, santa clara, east and north bay all under the freeze warning. we'll have temperatures until at least 8:00 this morning. probably too late to protect the plans. maybe you can get out there and do it -- now. >>> we'll be checking in throughout the newscast to find out more. 4:31. a northern california couple is home after their voyage on that ill-fated cruise ship that sank off the italian coast. terry mcsweeney is live at sfo where the family landed a couple of hours ago. >> reporter: they came in late last night this is a couple from the sacramento valley. they had been on the costa concordia and they got off one port before it went down. they got off in rome. day decision that may have saved their lives. take a look at that ship now and y
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